Here’s just a small selection of questions we get asked:

Why do some people have to wash their hair every day and some others once a week?
Does a change in shampoo help or is everyone different?
I wash every day but then come to a salon and it might last for three days!

And here’s some answers:

– The frequency depends on how active your sebaceous glands are and some peoples are more active than others. It can also depend on your lifestyle (exercise etc) and you shampoo should match this.

– People can have combination hair, too oily at the roots, dry on the ends ect and you need to tailor each product to their need.

– At Replay, home care advice is given as part of your hair service to help you create the look you get in the salon and to care for the investment you & your stylist may have put into your colour. The end result will only be as good as the material you are working with. People also make the mistake of thinking they are washing their hair, in actual fact you use the shampoo to cleanse the scalp. The length of your hair becomes cleansed when rinsing, conditioning should be used only on the lengths of your hair.

– You can not over wash your hair as it takes minutes for your sebaceous glands to reproduce oils again. But using products that are detergent based can cause stripping of these essential oils causing you hair & scalp to feel dry & irritated.

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