How often are you shampooing your hair?

Here’s just a small selection of questions we get asked: Why do some people have to wash their hair every day and some others once a week? Does a change in shampoo help or is everyone different? I wash every day but then come to a salon and it might last for three days! And

Coloured Hair Tips

Top Tip – Try to leave your colour for 48hours before your next wash after you’ve just had it done as the colour is still oxidising for that amount of time! At Replay we want to provide only the Best in our colour services, that is why we work with Paul Mitchell the Color XG.

Curly Hair Tips

Want to define your curl? Natural Curls The key with natural curls is to tame any unwanted frizz, use a serum to lock down that cuticle and embrace your curl. Paul Mitchell Super skinny serum and super sculpt are great to use at home, just work through your hair with small amounts of product to

Straight Hair Tips

Top Tip – Turn off your straighteners when you come to the front of your hair to protect those weaker areas so the heat is not as intense! Our salon favorite for straight hair is Paul Mitchell “Hot of the Press” This easy to use three in one product protects the hair against heat, has